Silverberry Genomix Joins Google Cloud for Startups

Silverberry Genomix Joins Google Cloud for Startups

The new program allows startup health companies to build the next generation of healthcare apps on Google Cloud and shorten go-to-market journey dramatically.  

San Francisco, June 13, 2019 – Silverberry Genomix, a pioneer in building precision health platform, announces its program to leverage Google Cloud for Startups to allow healthcare application for a rapid development and fast track go-to-market activities.

Due to the need for rapid development of the health application, being agile and put the new ideas in the hand of  customers as soon as possible, Silverberry helps startups to accelerate the end-to-end process of integrating, launching, and working with healthcare consumers. The platform utilizes Google Cloud suite of applications, from authentication to high-response storage, AI and Machine Learning  capacities offered out-of-box by Google Cloud infrastructure. Startups at MVP stage can contact for more information.

About Silverberry Genomix

Silverberry Genomix, a pioneer in DNA Wellness and Health Services, uses machine learning (AI) and genetic assessments to help people optimize their fitness plans and daily wellness decisions. By analyzing thousands of genetic variations, Silverberry provides more than 100 DNA Health and Wellness Reports that include an assessment, recommendations, and additional resources to learn about their genetic traits. Silverberry also offers genetic testing to those who haven’t yet had a genetic test. The DNA Test Kit can be ordered directly from the Silverberry website and is also available for purchase on Amazon. Users who have taken their DNA test with other services can upload their file and receive 10 Free DNA Test Health Reports. For more information visit