Silverberry launches The Personal Health Marketplace

Silverberry Genomix, a precision health company that uses DNA assessment for health and fitness, announced the launch of a new product,

In order to help users draw greater benefits from their DNA reports as well as attract new health-conscious consumers, the minds behind Silverberry have created is a membership based marketplace that allows users to browse content such as recipes, exercises, fitness gear, beauty products, and more based on their personal profile. When a user uploads their DNA test results, shows additional information on how each item is connected to the user’s genetic traits.

Consumers don’t have to have taken a DNA test to become a member. With a Silverberry Account, they can access the expertly selected list of items and start making use of the wealth of wellness information. In this sense, users can try before buying if they just want to see what is all about and what it has to offer. However,’ full potential becomes available once members have taken a DNA test and uploaded their results.

To encourage users to realize these full benefits and help them take advantage of everything has to offer, Silverberry is kicking off’ release with a set of special deals which include 3 month, one year, or lifetime membership, as well as steep discounts on their DNA kits. to learn more click  here.

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