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What is Wellness Genomics and What is the Science Behind it?

Your DNA controls everything about you: from your eye color, sensitivity to sun, and risks of complex diseases. Knowledge of your genetics can be utilized for preventive purposes, leading to a healthier life and personalized daily choices. Genetic variations in our DNA impact the way your body processes nutrients, your muscles and joints structure, your skin characteristics, and many other wellness traits, from predisposition to higher blood pressure due to excessive salt consumption, or negative impact of trans-fats.

Computational Genomics

Wellness genomics is the science of identifying associations between genetic variations present in the DNA with wellness traits.  This is called Predisposition Likelihood Assessment. Silverberry uses a computational genomics engine that assesses the cumulative effect of genetic variations that may impact your wellness traits based on thousands of peer-reviewed genetic studies of various populations and provides you with state of the art predisposition likelihood assessment for that trait.

Your path to know YOU

Why is our science superior to that of other companies offering similar services?

When it comes to DNA analysis, most companies you will see use single genetic variations that are available in publicly available studies to assess whether or not you may have a predisposition. There are many problems with this approach. For one, you may have multiple genetic variations that are associated with a wellness trait and still have low predisposition likelihood for that trait. This can be because some genetic variations have a lower influence on the total likelihood for some ethnicity than another, and it can also be because there are inhibiting variations that balance the impact of the contributing variations.


Our technology looks at genetic patterns cumulatively impacting a cluster of genetic traits and is enhanced by a learning artificial intelligence algorithm that automatically adds new scientific knowledge as it becomes available and gets smarter as it absorbs new genotype-phenotype data.

Learn more about Silverberry Scientific Process and how we produce the reports for you.

How accurate are the reports?

 The Computational Genomics platform used by Silverberry to generate your reports provides the most rigorous science currently available to analyze genetics-based wellness. It is based on over a decade of highly curated global scientific research. However, there are many things to consider when reading your genetics-based wellness assessment.

Most wellness traits are influenced by three components:

  1. Your genetics
  2. your early childhood environment (ages 0-7)
  3. and your current lifestyle choices


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As such, genetics is not the only determinant for the actual presence of a trait. Genetic predispositions can only tell you the statistical likelihood that you are predisposed to a particular trait such as vitamin deficiency or skin youthfulness. Additionally, many of the large-scale studies performed have been done primarily on European populations. While most genetic traits are affected by the same genetic variations regardless of ethnicity, the degree of influence of each genetic variation may vary across populations.

We strive to keep up with the latest developments in the field of wellness genomics and we provide you with the most up-to-date information. Through the surveys we provide you with, we get more information about the actual state of your wellness for some of the traits for which you get your predisposition results and can thereby determine how much of a trait is genetically predictable based on predisposition likelihood analysis

The scientific studies chosen as an input for our knowledge base are highly curated peer reviewed studies with statistically significant populations and generalize-ability. As such the knowledge base is the most comprehensive and rigorous set of genomics studies available today. However, a predisposition likelihood model is a risk model and it provides likelihood assessments for a trait. It helps to make precautionary choices for lifestyle, which would allow to mitigate any potential adverse effects of a negative trait and taking advantage of a positive trait.


Wellness genomics is based on the same rigorous scientific principles as personalized medicine. As an example consider a well-known genetic variant, rs429358, that significantly increases the risk for Alzheimer disease. Having this variant, does not necessarily mean that a person has the disease, or will get the disease. It does, however, indicate the higher risk for a disease. Knowing this information may help the individual to take preventive action.  Similarly, genetic variations associated with decreased levels of an essential vitamin or mineral, indicate risk for potential micronutrient deficiency. An individual with higher genetic-based risk for deficiency in vitamin D, for example, is encouraged to consume foods rich in vitamin D, monitor vitamin D level, and talk to nutritionist  or healthcare provider about vitamin D supplementation.

While everyone needs to make sure to follow general recommendations for all essential minerals and vitamins, it is even more important to monitor those for which you have elevated genetics-based risks.

Revolutionary Genomics Technology and Rigorous Science

Silverberry Statement of Limitations: DNA-based predisposition is not a diagnosis of a disease or condition. Predisposition risk or likelihood is a statistical measure based on the latest advances in genomics science and is provided as an additional layer of information for fitness decision-making. Silverberry recommendations fall within general guidelines for skin care and do not constitute medical advice. Consult with your general physician, dermatologist, personal trainer or other certified healthcare providers before making any major changes to your routines.

Most applications rely on single genetic variation-single genetic trait association studies publicly available. Silverberry’s technology explores a network of genetic variations influencing your potential predisposition using an aggregate analysis of more than 2400 scientific studies and enhanced through learning artificial intelligence algorithms. 

If you do not have genetic testing data already, you can order a genetic testing kit for $89 through our portal. All it takes is 2 minutes for you to collect a saliva sample in the comfort of your own home and mail the pre-paid package to get your own personalized genomics reports.

Silverberry also supports 23andMe, Ancestry.com or FamilyTreeDNA Data. Once you upload our file, you received 10 Basic Wellness Reports for free and you can order other packages of your choice.