Silverberry Partnerhip Program

Healthcare is complex and providing the best service to the end user requires a team effort. This is why we believe in partnership and growing a powerful wellness ecosystem.

We value science, technology, privacy, and education, but our main mission is to bring quality wellness resources to our partners and customers.

Our guideline in partnership is to offer value-added services on top of DNA assessment which enables our customers to maximize the benefit from their DNA test and Health reports.

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Silverberry Club

As part of our goal to empower our partners to better support their clients, we have created the Silverberry Club. This is your hub for educational videos on how to use genetic assessments AND your forum to discuss various topics at the intersection of genetics and wellness.

To explain the application of the Silverberry genetic assessments, we have selected several club members with different profiles and goals as examples. For each case, we describe the whole process of assisting the client as if they had just walked into your office.

Visit the course on Udemy and enroll today:


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