Silverberry Genomix announces a new genomic study for Coronavirus susceptibility in response to current COVID-19 pandemic

The new study intends to identify genomic susceptibility that alters either the rate of infection or the severity of the disease in response to the Coronavirus exposure.

April 13, 2020, San Francisco - Silverberry Genomix, a leader in the use of DNA testing for health and wellness announced a large scale genomic study in response to the current Coronavirus disease (COVID)-19 outbreak. 

The new study intends to identify genomic susceptibility that alters either the rate of infection or the severity of the disease in response to the coronavirus exposure. 

The study involves healthy participants that may or may not be exposed to COVID-19 and it will look into the effects of various factors including known risk factors such as age, comorbidities, and lifestyle choices such as smoking in the occurrence of COVID-19 symptomes. 

Collection of pre and post universal exposure data from a large number of people in different communities would enable Silverberry Genomix to effectively learn and come up with recommendations to counter future pandemics. 

Silverberry Genomix is a market leader by launching its digital health platform to create personalized assessment and recommendations for its users to better manage their health and wellness goals. The platform can be used as a biobank for population health studies to better understand diseases, run clinical trials for disease prevention or drug discovery. 

Study participants will have their genome analyzed for the presence of protective or susceptibility factors. Users with an existing DNA file can also upload their corresponding files. New users can use Silverberry DNA Test Kit at-home using a saliva swab. The study volunteers will participate in an ongoing survey and undergo analysis of their genetic markers. The goal of the study is to identify genomic variants that affect diseases in the healthier participants that can protect them against more severe diseases, and to use this knowledge for the development of novel therapies.

“We believe to address the current pandemic challenge, a data-driven approach is crucial, so researchers can have access to reliable data at large scale. By leveraging existing Silverberry Digital Health Platform, we are taking an important step toward that goal.” said Shayan Mashatian, Founder of Silverberry Genomix. "The comprehensive Silverberry platform already available plus a community of users who are well versed and keen about their health and wellness, provides a solid base for this study. It is a natural next step in expanding our service to address the most urgent issues endangering the society." he continued.

Silverberry Genomix has formed a Pandemic Scientific Task Force to oversee the study, including scientists with virology background, computential genomics, and data scientists. 

A Coronavirus Response Initiative has also been stated which includes comprehensive Frequently Asked Questions. Participants can register online to participate in the study.

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