Understanding DNA of Weight Loss

Whether you are planning for weight loss or gain, your unique physiology will affect which diet or exercise program will help you achieve your goal.

These reports provide insight into the genes most directly influencing your weight genetic variations related to metabolism, appetite, taste preferences, exercise physiology, and much more.


Genetics Behind Weight Management

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5 Groups of Weight Loss DNA Reports

Weight Profile

Weight Profile

Have you asked yourself why some people have more difficulty losing weight? What is your overweight potential? What are your genetic predispositions for lean body mass or metabolic rate?

Find out how your genetic variations impact your appetite, metabolic rate, and weight.

Exercise Benefits

Exercise Benefits

Have you wondered why some people respond to an aerobic workout routine by becoming incredibly fit, while others who exercise just as hard see little progress? The benefit you receive from exercise depends strongly on genetic factors.

Discover how your genetic variations affect your response to exercise.

Muscle Building

Muscle Building

The muscular system is responsible for the movement of the human body, maintenance of posture, and generation of body heat. Your muscular power and how quickly you increase strength in response to exercise depend strongly on your genetics. Your genes also influence injury risk, recovery time, and discomfort during exercise. Do you experience muscle cramps or muscle soreness more frequently than average? Since muscles require a substantial amount of energy to maintain, increasing muscle mass can play an important role in any weight loss plan. Similarly, a successful weight gain plan requires developing muscle mass quickly and safely.

Learn how your genetic variations may influence your body's muscle growth, maintenance, and repair.



The consumption of fat can affect individuals differently. Both the volume of fat consumed and the type can influence weight loss and all cellular processes. Enjoyment of fat consumption differs among people, as does their sensitivity to trans fats, and even the effectiveness of low-fat diets. Understanding your unique fat processing capability can help guide your plan for weight management.

Learn how genetic variations impact your digestion and metabolism of fat.



Do you have a sweet tooth? Do you prefer sweet snacks over savory ones? How effectively does your body process sugars or starches? Do you lose weight more easily with a low-carb diet? Carbs are essential for muscle repair and maintenance. However for individual's with impaired carbohydrate processing, low-carb diets can enable greater weight loss. When designing a weight management plan, it is important to consider a taste preference for carbs and the ability to process them.

Learn how genetic variations impact your taste perception, digestion, and metabolism of carbs.


Do you have difficulty losing weight? Ask your Genes!™.

Is a Mediterranean diet ideal for you? Ask your Genes!™.

Weight Loss Package Traits

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